AI software for autonomous robotics: Automated order picking

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How can Sereact help companies meet the skills shortage challenges and increasing customer demands in e-commerce? "IT&Production" magazine answers this question in its April issue.

"Many companies are aware of the disadvantages of manual picking – yet it is still the most common method of order fulfillment", says the IT&Production article. Due to demographic changes, the search for suitably skilled workers for intralogistics is becoming increasingly challenging for companies. As a result, there is a shortage of skilled workers and high personnel costs, while customers are becoming increasingly demanding in terms of delivery costs and times. But until now, robotic solutions have not been flexible enough to automate order picking reliably.

Sereact is based on a unique AI approach that uses Deep learning and reinforcement learning to enable robots to perceive their environment and solve problems independently. The software can calculate grasping strategies for objects regardless of shape, color, or texture. No costly, time-consuming programming or teach-in is required. The system can be integrated within a few hours and is immediately fully operational. As a result, Sereact's automation solution offers enormous potential, especially for companies with a diverse and changing product portfolio. These include e-commerce companies, 3PL service providers, pharmaceutical companies and all manufacturing companies that rely on fast and accurate kitting processes.

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