What is

Robotics Transformer
for the real world

Sereact PickGPT is an industry-first, no-code, no-training-required software-defined robotics solution that increases the accuracy and efficiency of robotic piece picking for high-volume use cases. PickGPT combines the power of large language models – similar to those used in ChatGPT – with Sereact’s proprietary computer vision models to enable robots to pick up and manipulate objects in real-world scenarios with a level of intelligence and accuracy that was previously impossible.


  • Simplify human - robot interaction

    PickGPT supports seamless communication between human operators and AI-enabled robots, allowing workers to instruct robots through voice commands and intuitive interfaces. This enables seamless interfacing with other warehouse systems and allows the instructor to define pick points and blacklist items easily.

  • Identify objects by product image

    The Sereact solution allows robots to recognize and identify objects and products in real-time based on visual appearance alone. PickGPT automatically analyzes product images and matches them to items in any real-world scenario. Furthermore, PickGPT fully understands and interprets product titles, descriptions, and other textual information to automatically identify corresponding products and correlate regions in an image.

  • Return handling automation

    Automating returns handling reduces the time and resources required to process returns, improves accuracy and efficiency, and supports a seamless and hassle-free experience for your customers. PickGPT can differentiate between packaging materials and products. Returned items can be automatically sorted based on a description or product image, eliminating the need for barcode scanning. This greatly simplifies and speeds up the returns process.