The easiest way to interact with robots

Instructing robots via natural language

PickGPT is the first commercially-available robotics transformer that enables robots to understand natural language and perceive their environment with an unprecedented level of intelligence and accuracy.

  • Intuitive operation

    PickGPT can be used via natural language, allowing instructing and programming robots without prior knowledge.

  • Exceptional scene understanding

    Based on synthetic and real-world experience, PickGPT can adapt effortlessly to unseen environments.

  • Zero-shot planning

    PickGPT captures the scope and context of a task and can also solve implicit problems.

Reaching the next level of intelligent robotics

Unlike traditional models, PickGPT utilizes zero-shot planning, which enables it to calculate and execute sequences of actions to achieve a target state even in complex, dynamic and unstructured environments without prior specific training.

  • Grasping previously unseen objects

    PickGPT's capabilities stem from its comprehensive training on web-scale datasets, combined with synthetic and real-world robotics data. This extensive and diverse training not only enhances its scene understanding, but also enables it to generalize to new and previously unseen objects.

  • Converting Words into Actions

    Converting Words into Actions

    PickGPT fuses multimodal sensor data (RGB, depth and other) and injects them into a Large Language Model, combined with natural language instructions from a human operator or higher-level system. By analyzing this data using segmentation, scene decomposition and sequencing, PickGPT can understand the overall meaning, generate responses and execute decisions by a robot.

Exceptional robot performance with user-friendly operation

PickGPT provides a new way of communicating with robots, which offers unbridled potential for a wide variety of fields. In logistics, in particular, PickGPT enables robots to solve key problems.

  • Simplifying robot interaction

    PickGPT supports seamless communication between human operators and AI-enabled robots, allowing workers to instruct robots through voice commands and an intuitive interface. This enables seamless interfacing with other warehouse systems and allows the instructor to define pick points and blacklist items easily.

  • Enables vision-language picking

    PickGPT allows robots to recognize and identify objects and products in real-time based on visual appearance alone. It automatically analyzes product images and matches them to items in any real-world scenario. PickGPT fully understands and interprets product titles, descriptions, and other textual information to automatically identify corresponding products and correlate regions in an image.

  • Distinguishing between objects

    The ability to automatically recognize certain objects offers unbridled potential, especially in logistics. PickGPT can revolutionize returns handling, for example, by enabling the transformer to distinguish packaging materials from products and sort them out. In addition, PickGPT provides additional quality control by detecting damaged items.

  • Read our manifesto and discover more about the technological background of PickGPT.

    Read our manifesto and discover more about the technological background of PickGPT.

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