What Alina says – an Interview with a Marketing Working Student

Alina from Sereact

As a working student who quickly familiarizes herself with complex topics, Alina rolls up her sleeves in Sereact's marketing team. Her ability to work independently and think analytically is what sets her apart. Let's have a look into her world, where creativity and strategy meet!

Are there any specific tools or software that you find invaluable in your work as an online marketer? 

Yes, these are my Go to Tools: 

1. Google Analytics: provides a complete overview of the website and everything surrounding it, allowing me to make informed decisions.  2. I appreciate Google Keyword Planner for optimizing SEO and guiding content creation.  3. Additionally, Ahrefs helps me address the technical SEO aspects and identify areas for improvement to boost our website's ranking in the SERPs.

These tools play a crucial role in my online marketing strategy, enabling me to achieve better visibility and drive meaningful results.

What's your favorite aspect of working in online marketing at Sereact?

My favorite aspect of working in online marketing at Sereact is the combination of creativity and analyzing the progress. I enjoy coming up with new innovative marketing strategies and finding unique approaches to engage our audience. 

I appreciate the analytical side of the job, where I can closely monitor the progress of our campaigns and make immediate adjustments based on data insights. At Sereact, I value the trust and support given to try out new strategies and experiment with different tools. 

Can you share a valuable lesson or insight you have gained during your time as a working student in online marketing at Sereact? 

I've discovered that B2B marketing is anything but boring. It has provided me with a fresh perspective and a unique set of challenges that require a different approach compared to B2C marketing. This realization has made my experience even more exciting and engaging. You need a strategic mindset to build meaningful relationships and deliver value to businesses. 

If you could have a superpower that would help you excel in your role as an online marketer, what would it be and why?

It would be great to have the ability to read and understand the thoughts of people. This superpower would grant me deep insight into the needs, motivations, and decision-making processes of my target audience. This way it would be also easier to exactly know which keywords they are using, to implement them into our SEO-strategy. 

Can you share a book or podcast that has had a significant impact on your approach to online marketing?

The podcast “Baby got Business” hosted by Ann-Katrin Schmitz is definitely a big recommendation for everyone in the (online)marketing business. This podcast is keeping me up-to-date with the latest marketing forecasts and trends. I've gained valuable insights and practical tips that are applicable to a wide range of industries. The diverse lineup of guests brings their own unique perspectives, providing me with invaluable knowledge for both personal and professional growth.

What's the most unusual or interesting skill or hobby you have outside of your work in online marketing?

One thing that no one would necessarily know about me is my interest in documentaries of all kinds. I really enjoy watching documentaries about the economy, about other countries or history documentaries. I just find it super exciting but also very relaxing at the same time

If you could switch roles with any team member at Sereact for a day, who would it be and why?

If I had the chance to switch roles with someone at Sereact for a day, I would choose to be a software engineer. The world of coding has always intrigued me with its complexity and problem-solving aspects. Getting a firsthand experience of what goes on in their minds and being able to tackle intricate coding tasks would be an incredible opportunity. It's a chance to see how they navigate through challenges and bring innovative solutions to life. As an online marketer, having a deeper understanding of the technical side would enhance my overall perspective and collaboration with the development team. Exploring the world of software engineering for a day would be a personally enriching and eye-opening experience