What Charlotte says – an interview with a Marketing Project Manager

Charlotte - Marketing Project Managerin at Sereact

Meet Charlotte, a dedicated employee who has become an essential part of the Sereact team. Her journey, which started as a working student in March 2022, has developed into a full-time position and is a testament to her passion and expertise that she combines with excellence. 

Charlotte, what initially sparked your interest in the field of marketing?

My interest in marketing was initially sparked by my apprenticeship as an industrial clerk. During this time, I was able to gain insights into different areas of marketing. In addition, my Bachelor's and Master's degrees confirmed my decision, as I realised that the field suited me very well.

What skills or qualities do you believe have been most instrumental in your success as a Project Manager in the marketing industry?

The ability to communicate effectively with others is one of the most important skills for me, as it is essential for successful collaboration. In addition, organizational skills are essential to ensure that tasks are completed on time.

What's your favorite office tradition or activity at Sereact?

My favorite tradition at Sereact is the weekly yoga session. I like that we spend time together outside of work, doing activities and creating memories.

If you could create a Sereact-themed playlist, what songs would you include and why? 

I would include a diverse selection of songs in the playlist because I think our team at Sereact is just as diverse. I would also include songs that spread positivity as I always have a great time with the team. 

In marketing, staying organized is crucial. Can you describe your favorite project management tool or technique that helps you stay on top of your tasks and deadlines?

At the moment I prefer to work with Trello, Linear and Miro. However, my favourite is Linear. I find that it provides an excellent representation of different projects, and the scheduled tasks make it easy to meet deadlines and keep track of all tasks.

If you could magically become an expert in any other field overnight, what field would you choose and why?

I would choose to become a rocket scientist because I have always been fascinated by the exploration of space and the development of space technology, and I would like to contribute to the understanding of the cosmos.

In the spirit of learning and growth, what's a skill or area of expertise you're currently exploring or eager to develop further in your career?

Currently, I'm looking to improve my photographic skills as we produce a lot of content ourselves at Sereact and I want to achieve the highest quality possible. I also want to develop my web development skills for our website.