Groundbreaking AI meets<br/> <i>incomparable usability</i>

Groundbreaking AI meets
incomparable usability

Autonomous robotics for your warehouse

Sereact provides robots with both visual and motor skills. This allows them to perceive their environment and generate intelligent strategies to physically manipulate objects.

  • Speed

    Boost throughput with an unbeatable speed of 1500 picks per hour

    • Highly efficient AI predictions.

    • Significantly accelerated motion planning and collision avoidance.

    • Excellent robot performance with a speed of under 2 seconds per pick

  • Reliability

    No human intervention due to intelligent object manipulation.

    • Detailed perception and analysis of the situation and objects.

    • Independently finding suitable solution strategies, even for unknown problems.

Intuitive operation without prior knowledge

With our unique approach, we combine the advanced capabilities of our AI technology with an unparalleled user experience.

  • PickGPT

    Instruct your robots with natural language

    PickGPT combines the power of Large Language Models with Sereact’s computer vision models. The transformer model allows users to give instructions and feedback to robots through speech or text, making robot operation an intuitive task for all your employees regardless prior knowledge.

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    • Simple Installation

      Natural communication between human operators and robots and seamless interfacing with Warehouse Management Systems.

    • Contextual Understanding

      Real-time object identification based on visual appearance and interpretation of textual information like product titles or descriptions.

    • Detection of broken items

      Detection of anomalies and sorting out of damaged articles, as an additional quality assurance measure.

Production-ready battle tested in simulation

With Sereact, your robots are fully operational from day one, but continuously optimize their performance during use based on real-world data.

  • Preparing for the real world

    Simulation Training

    Preparing for the real world

    The software is underpinned by a powerful simulation environment that trains the robot arm to understand the spatial and physical nuances of any potential real-world setting. As a result, the robot is immediately fully operational and can reliably pick any object - without further training or teach-in.

  • Optimization in productive use

    Continuous Learning

    Optimization in productive use

    After deployment, the system uses real-world data to continuously optimize pick performance. In this way, the most promising manipulation strategies or object-gripper matches can be determined for each pick situation.

Fully hardware-agnostic for flexible application

Sereact is compatible with various hardware components. Therefore, we can compose a system that is perfectly tailored to your specific use case.

  • Full compatibility with a variety of different robots


    Full compatibility with a variety of different robots

    Thanks to the proprietary robotics framework, Sereact AI software can easily control a wide range of robots. We offer solutions for industrial robots such as ABB, Yaskawa or Kuka, which have high robustness and picking speed. On the other hand, collaborative robots such as UR or Fanuc are suitable for workspaces shared by man and machine.

  • No compromises when choosing the right gripper


    No compromises when choosing the right gripper

    Depending on the pick objects, different grippers may be required. The Sereact AI software can not only control all common gripper types, but also calculate optimal object-gripper matches. The portfolio includes, for example, various suction grippers, two-finger grippers or needle grippers. In addition, it is possible to switch between the gripper types using gripper changing systems or hybrid grippers.

  • Easy connection of additional applications

    Barcode Scanning

    Easy connection of additional applications

    Our software can be extended with barcode scanning as a quality assurance measure. On the one hand, this can ensure that the correct goods have been processed, but upstream steps can also be checked in this way. Since the picking process should maintain efficiency, code recognition must also occur at high speeds during web movements. With inline scanning, several scanners are combined with suitable robot poses to scan objects 'on the fly' without losing time.

  • Find out which Sereact solution best fits your warehouse.

    Find out which Sereact solution best fits your warehouse.

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