Error-free goods management with barcode scanning

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Barcode Scanning

Barcode scanning and AI-based bin picking offer enormous potential for automation in intralogistics. Learn here how Sereact's innovative solution enables efficient and error-free goods management.

Efficient automation in intralogistics is more in demand today than ever before to meet the increasing requirements for fast and error-free logistics processes. Barcode scanning combined with AI-based bin picking opens new possibilities for automating the entire logistics chain – from goods inwards to dispatch.

In modern intralogistics, the recording of goods by scanning is a crucial factor, whether for picking internal orders or processing customer returns. Scanning not only serves as proof of processing or receipt of goods but also for quality control, to check previous steps, or to influence material flows.

Reliable code recognition during scanning is just as challenging for the robots as pure bin picking and requires a suitable sequence. However, high path speeds to ensure time efficiency stand in the way of accurate code detection. In addition, the unoriented position of items in bin picking makes it difficult to determine the code position. Therefore, scanning of the items from all sides is required.

For efficient integration of barcode scanning into the robot-assisted picking process, the optimal matching of hardware and software is crucial. Sereact combines the scanners with suitable robot poses to enable comprehensive in-line scanning from all sides. In conjunction with an intelligent put wall, goods can thus be captured and sorted fully automatically.

Learn more here about the possibilities to automate your pick-and-pack processes and make them more efficient, reliable, and crisis-proof.

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