AI robots for production. Today.

At sereact we built an adaptable AI to bring a new era of intelligent robots to commercial viability. We unleash the power of AI to enable our customers to close automation gaps and reach a new level of cost-efficiency.


Introducing capto

capto is an intelligent software built to automate item commissioning. Capto is ready to use from day one. No teach-in or training required.

Arbitrary items from day one

sereact capto leverages Artificial Intelligence for instantaneous robot picking of arbitrary and previously unknown items without time-consuming teach-in.

Collaborative robotics

capto enables humans and robots to share the same workspace by deploying compliant robots and collision-free robot movements.

Continuous learning

Continuous optimization of the gripping performance by process-integrated incremental learning capabilities.

capto picking apple.

We generate real value.

Our main focus is to optimize your supply chain. Capto is designed to increase productivity and lower costs from the first pick.

Reduced costs

capto reduces your cost per pick by up to 77%.

capto is available 24/7, ready for peaks and sustained load.
Picks per hour

capto is able to execute up to 1200 picks per hour.