AI Software
for Autonomous Robotics

Our mission is to fundamentally change warehouse operations and help our customers overcome labor shortages, increase productivity and operate efficiently and continuously - 24/7, 365 days a year.


The Sereact AI software for autonomous robotics fully automates pick-and-pack processes, making them more efficient, reliable and crisis-resistant. Our goal is to optimize your warehouse with minimal integration effort to increase productivity in your warehouse from the first pick while significantly reducing costs.

  • No Code

    Thanks to the AI approach, robots are fully operational from day one and can reliably grip any object - without time-consuming and cost-intensive robot programming and teach-in.

  • Autonomy

    Even difficult picks do not require human intervention, as the software independently develops adequate object manipulation strategies and optimizes its performance constantly.

  • Cost Reduction

    The seamless integration enables single-day deployment, as well as a ROI in less than a year and cost savings from the first pick.

  • Crisis-resistant

    The Sereact solution helps to overcome for labor shortages, operate efficiently and continuously 24/7, 365 and increase throughput.

  • Cost Reduction

  • Availability

  • Picks Per Hour

Use Cases

  • Order Picking

    Meet your customers' high demands for fast and error-free delivery. By automating the pick processes, throughput times and the risk of errors are significantly reduced.

  • Put Wall

    Sereact's AI-powered Put Wall is a highly efficient and accurate sorting solution that allows you to process multiple orders simultaneously, significantly increasing your throughput.

  • (De‑)Palletize

    By using AI robotics for (de)palletizing, you not only increase efficiency, but also provide physical relief for your employees at the same time.


  • Kardex Picking

    Kardex storage systems, such as the Kardex Vertical Lift Module (VLM), are vertical storage systems for high-density storage of various items in a wide range of applications and industries, such as manufacturing, distribution, retail and warehouse operations. Combine Sereact's AI Robotics Solution with proven Kardex warehouse technology and achieve 24/7 productivity in your warehouse.

  • AutoStore™ Picking

    AutoStore™ is a powerful yet simple solution for fast handling of small parts orders with the help of robots. Thanks to its special design, where bins are stacked directly on top of each other and multiple items are stored in a single bin, the available storage space is better utilized than with other automated systems. The Sereact AI software is fully compatible with the proven AutoStore™ warehouse technology and helps you to exploit the full automation potential in your warehouse.

  • Shuttle System Picking

    Shuttle systems make it possible to store, retrieve and transfer stored goods. With a shuttle system, a warehouse can be served automatically and economically. The shuttle car quickly reaches all warehouse levels and channels via lifting systems, thus ensuring a high turnover rate. Also automate the next step in your warehouse by combining your shuttle system with Sereact's cutting-edge technology.


  • E-Commerce

    By automating your picking, you can be competitive despite the shortage of skilled workers and meet the increasing demands of your customers even during peak seasons.

  • Manufacturing

    Sereact's AI software enables, for example, the automation of kitting processes or the oriented depositing of objects from bulk material in your production.

  • E-Grocery

    Even delicate objects that vary constantly in shape and size, such as fruits and vegetables, can be picked gently yet time-efficiently with Sereact's AI software.


  • PickGPT

    PickGPT by Sereact is a cutting-edge robotics transformer that combines natural language processing with computer vision. PickGPT enables robots to understand human speech, respond with natural language, and perceive and navigate their environment using computer vision. This technology unleashes a massive potential for robotics, transforming a wide range of industries, from manufacturing and logistics to healthcare and retail.

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  • Barcode Scanning

    The integration of barcode scanning into the picking process provides an additional quality assurance that ensures error-free fulfillment

  • Autonomous Robotics

    The software is designed to independently find solution strategies even for unknown problems. In doing so, it draws on empirical values from previous pick scenarios and from simulation training and transfers these to the new situation. Thanks to the continuous learning approach, picking performance is also continuously optimized during productive use.

  • Pick any item

    The AI-powered software enables robots to develop reliable gripping strategies for any object - regardless of its shape, color or texture. This means that even complex objects such as food, transparent bags, fragile objects, etc. can be picked without any problems.

  • High Speed Picking

    The Sereact AI Software is designed to enable highly efficient AI Predictions. Furthermore the proprietary Sereact robotics framework speeds up motion planning and collision analysis. This enables excellent robot performance with a speed of under 2 seconds per pick.


In the photorealistic and physics-accelerated simulation environment developed by Sereact, robots learn intelligent problem-solving behavior, pre-train for all real-world situations, and thus be fully productive from day one.

  • Deep Learning

    The proprietary simulation environment generates infinite synthetic data that serves as a pre-trained experience for the robot.

  • Robotics Framework

    Our proprietary robotics framework speeds up motion planning and is optimally designed to meet the requirements of the AI software regarding robustness and collision analysis.

  • Cloud Application

    Easily orchestrate, monitor, and control your Sereact AI Robotics fleet from multiple devices, such as PCs, tablets, or smartphones, anywhere in the world.

  • Auto-Labelling

    Automatic AI-based annotations for on-the-job collected real-world data are used for continuous learning and ongoing pick-performance optimization.


Adam I. Sandow

Founder & CEO, Material Bank

Ralf and Marc have worked closely with our team to create a solution that specifically fits our complex business needs. As our company continues to rapidly scale, Sereact's revolutionary AI software will increase productivity and drive massive efficiencies in our sample pick process. The Sereact team and the innovative technology continuously prove to be a reliable partner for Material Bank.

Daniel Werner

CEO Zenfulfillment

Ralf, Marc, and team Sereact are truly at the forefront of the most promising logistics tech milestone innovation: the bin picking industry. They deeply understand that efficiency and reliability are the core of their product offering. We‘ve tendered and tested several leading companies but Sereact stood out by delivering in every aspect: productivity, cost, vision, personal and professional ability. We are truly grateful for their support and efforts in our partnership.

Dr. Martin Paping

CEO Kontrapunkt

In working with Sereact, what I particularly value is the convincing technological foundation and the open and transparent communication. Ralf and Marc listen carefully and ask specific questions in order to precisely understand what the customer wants. In this way, Sereact is able to develop tailored project proposals which makes life easy for the customer.

Martin Giese

Investor & Startup Coach

I am a full-time investor and startup coach, working with many startups each year. With Sereact, I had the opportunity to accompany the founders over an extended period as their startup coach in the area of business development and sales, witnessing firsthand their way of working, their energy level and the spirit of the team. Their technological perspective and economic foresight convinced me so much that I took the opportunity to invest in the company. I believe that Sereact has developed a product that has great market potential and can solve big hairy audacious problems in supply chains.

Dr. Roger Kehl

CEO Cloudflight

Sereact is disrupting supply chains and warehousing with their cutting-edge AI Robotics Technology. Digital transformation in handling and logistics is no longer a luxury it's a necessity. Together with Sereact, we can offer our customers a solution with digital end-to-end integration, from customer orders to robotic movement and automated fulfillment. This allows us to offer our customers a product with an extended feature and application spectrum.