Release of Sereact PickGPT

Sereact's PickGPT

We're excited to announce the launch of Sereact PickGPT, a cutting-edge robotics transformer that combines natural language processing with computer vision.

Exciting news in the world of robotics! Large language models (LLMs) and vision transformers (VITs) are changing the game for robots by allowing them to process natural language and visual information, and correlate multimodal data. These breakthroughs enable robots to understand complex real-world scenarios with a level of intelligence and accuracy that was previously impossible.

Here’s why LLMs + VITs will have a huge impact:

Improved Learning and Adaptation: By using large language models, robots can learn from large amounts of text data and adapt their behavior based on the context. This means that robots can become more adaptable and flexible in their behavior, making them better suited for complex and dynamic environments.

Enhanced Object Manipulation: Robots equipped with vision transformers and large language models can learn to manipulate objects more efficiently by learning from language-based instructions. This means that robots can understand and execute tasks more effectively, even in complex environments.

Better Human-Robot Interaction: Large language models can help robots understand human language more effectively, enabling better communication and collaboration between humans and robots. This could lead to more natural and intuitive human-robot interactions.

At Sereact, we're thrilled to be at the forefront of this exciting technology with our product PickGPT. PickGPT is an industry-first, no-code, no-training-required software-defined robotics solution that combines the power of large language models with Sereact's proprietary computer vision models to enable robots to pick up and manipulate objects in real-world scenarios. PickGPT supports seamless communication between human operators and AI-enabled robots, allowing workers to instruct robots through voice commands and intuitive interfaces. Our solution allows robots to recognize and identify objects and products in real-time based on visual appearance and textual information, enabling efficient robotic piece-picking, even in very complex scenarios, e.g. mixed-item bin scenarios and streamlining the automated handling of returns.

Sereact PickGPT unleashes a massive potential for robotics that will transform a wide range of industries, from manufacturing and logistics to healthcare and retail. Imagine a world where machines can work alongside humans, collaborate seamlessly, and anticipate our needs. This is the kind of future that PickGPT is making possible.

Stay tuned and visit our PickGPT landing page: