What Domi says – an interview with an Automation Engineer

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Domi - Automation Engineer at Sereact

Did you ever wonder what's on the mind of an Automation Engineer? We asked Domi a few questions to find out.

As the very first full-time employee at Sereact, Domi had a major impact on how the company evolved. He is fascinated by the combination of hardware and software to create real-world solutions. And that's what he’s doing at Sereact. Find out more about him in the Interview.

Domi, what inspired you to become an Automation Engineer? 

I've always been a tech enthusiast, and I find the combination of hardware and software in automation engineering to be fascinating. It's like working on a puzzle where you get to create solutions that make people's lives easier. I enjoy the challenge of designing and implementing automation systems, and it's rewarding to see them work seamlessly.

What’s the most fascinating experience you’ve had in your career so far? 

There are so many cool things I've worked on, but I have to say that the implementation of the two-finger gripper was pretty mind-blowing. It's crazy how the software just knows exactly how to grip an object reliably. The complexity and precision of the system made it a truly impressive achievement for me and the team.

What’s your favorite tool you use in your daily work life? 

Definitely CAD software. It's incredible how quickly I can create and simulate designs in 3D, which is very helpful when it comes to testing out ideas and making adjustments. Plus, it's just really satisfying to see a project come to life in a virtual space before it's even built.

If you could automate any task or process in your personal life, what would it be and why?

It would definitely be cleaning and household chores. I mean, who actually enjoys spending their weekends scrubbing the bathroom or doing laundry? If I could automate those tasks, it would free up so much more time for me to kick back and relax with my family or pursue my hobbies. 

If you were given an unlimited budget and resources, what automation project would you most want to tackle, and why?

I would love to take on the challenge of creating a robot hand that could match the precision and range of motion of a human hand, and also has the capabilities of the human sense of touch. It would be a game-changer for the field of automation. Just think of all the cool things we could do with it - from surgical procedures to assembling complex machinery. Plus, it's just an enjoyable and exciting challenge to work on.

How do you see the role of automation evolving over the next five to ten years, and what new opportunities or challenges do you anticipate as a result? 

In the next five to ten years, automation will become even more widespread, especially in the realm of robotics. We'll see robots and automated processes being used in more industries and applications, which will create new opportunities for businesses to improve their efficiency. As a result, workers will also continue to educate themselves on the topic of automation.

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